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Learn How the Title Search Process Works So That You’re Well Informed

June 8, 2017

When dealing with real estate it’s often necessary to conduct a title search. You must conduct a title search before a property can change hands. During this process, various documents and pieces of information about the property are collected. However, this can be a lengthy process. Find out more about the title search process so that you’re better equipped to handle dealings with a property.

Opening a Title Order.
The process begins with an escrow officer opening an order using an FNT title unit. Once open, the process continues by verifying any legal and vesting. Once all is settled, the process continues to the FNT title plant.

Using the FNT Title Plant.
The title search continues by using the FNT title plant. Within the title plant there are various steps that are involved in the searching process. It begins by generating a list of property chains. Once the list of sellers and buyers is generated, it continues on analyze the chain and general index. Next, any necessary documents are printed and plot maps are developed by a team of engineers. Lastly, tax and bond reports are prepared.

Assembling the Title Report.

After using the FNT title plant, the search continues when an examiner ties up loose ends and develops a preliminary title report using the information found in the search. The preliminary report is then sent to be processed by word processing. Once the document has been assembled it is sent on to escrow and the lender. Once sent, new documents and demands are generated for the Title Unit.

Continuing Through Escrow.

The next step in the title search process comes when recording is authorized by escrow. Once this occurs, you’re able to proceed to the final step in the process where the necessary documents are recorded, all demands have been paid, and the necessary funds have been dispersed. Additionally, the title policies are assembled and review before being sent to the customer with an invoice.

To learn more about the title search process and the title services offered through FNT Orange County, contact your Fidelity National Title Sales Executive!

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